Lori Wollerman Nelson

Ask magazine (children's science)

"Life in a Vernal Pool" February 2015 (sample as submitted to editor)

"The Fire Seekers" January 2015 (sample as submitted to editor)

"The Noisy Ocean" November/December 2012

"There's a Balloon in my Belly!" May/June 2012

"Finding Creatures of the Deep" April 2012

"Counting All the Fish in the Sea" April 2012

"March of the Zombie Ants" October 2011

Websites (content)

"Lake Tyrrell: A Model Hypersaline System" 2011

(Client: Dr. Karla Heidelberg, University of Southern California)

Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement: Biographical Profiles of awardees (University of Southern California)

Dr. Diana Wall, 2013 (as submitted to program director)

Dr. Simon Levin, 2014 (as submitted to program director)

Waves, newsletter of the USC Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies

"It's a Sure Thing" Winter 2012

The Catalina Islander (weekly newspaper)

"Gabriel Saldana leads Scout Restoration" 11 March 2011

"Boeing Joins with Wrigley Institute on Echo Ranger" 8 April 2011

"CC Gallager: An Island Fixture for 30 Years" 15 April 2011

"Keeping Avalon Bay Clean" 22 April 2011

"Catalina's Tall Ship History" 29 April 2011

"Fire Burns 117 Acres" 6 May 2011

"Strong Surf Wrecks White's Dock" 27 May 2011


The California Channel Islands: America's Galapagos

A Hiking Diary of California

My full curriculum vitae, including a list of my scientific publications